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European popcorn shortage predicted

Supermarkets across Europe are bracing themselves for a run on popcorn stocks, after the Greek referendum delivered a decisive “No” vote. Despite no-one actually understanding what the referendum is about, least of all the Greeks themselves, the consensus now is that the only thing to do is to sit back and enjoy the show. “Basically, […]

Nick Clegg today attacked the UK’s second chamber of parliament, branding it “an unwelcome and pustulous stain on the democracy of this country.” “The voters haven’t asked for it to be in charge, and they don’t want it. All the upper house does is sit there looking a bit podgy and actively aiding the Tories […]

Bee Gees singer dies of cancer

Convicted Bee Gees singer Abdelbaset al-Megrahi has died of cancer, aged 60. Many people, including several victims of Saturday Night Fever, questioned the extent of his involvement with the Bee Gees. However, the US and UK governments last night reaffirmed their belief that he was indeed guilty of the atrocities with which he was charged. […]

British people really are that stupid

 [A slightly edited version of this article has now been published on the satirical news blog The Oracle Speaks] Despite disbelief from people with a so-called ‘education’, it turns out that the majority of the UK population really do think that ranking things in numerical order is too complicated. “Millions of people are apparently unable […]

A study released today shows that news anchors are quite capable of holding appallingly misguided right-wing opinions, without any interference from Rupert Murdoch at all. The survey shows that the media giant, who owns a large but not overwhelming number of newspaper titles and TV stations, hasn’t made people buy the Daily Mail, join the […]

Peurile ISOs

This is very childish. I apologise in advance. Someone on twitter the other day asked “do sex workers have standards?” (in relation to unattractive clients). So I thought a trawl of the ISO[*] site would be in order, to see if they did. And I came across these pages, which I assume are tailor made […]

[This was my attempt at a TheDailyMash style article – I did send it to them, but didn’t hear back so either they don’t accept submissions or it’s not funny. For the news background to this piece, see the Lighter Later campaign. UPDATE Oct 2010: The other excellent UK satirical news site, TheOracleSpeaks, published it […]