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IMAP is a great way of getting at email. All your email stays on the server, and you can access it from multiple devices (and all devices see the same email). This is in contrast to POP, where email is generally deleted from a server, and it’s all but impossible to get a syncronised view […]

Now here’s something odd. I’m changing to new IMAP server software at Watershed (more on that later), and so during the testing phase I’ve got the old server listening on the standard port of 993, and the new one listening on 10993. And I thought I ought to test the new server, Dovecot, on different […]

Mail crashed

Lying in bed, not feeling well at all (took the afternoon off work), woke from my dozy slumber and decided to check my email using the iPhone, to see if any major disasters had happened without moving. No problem – launched the Mail app and got it to connect. I think then a series of […]