Nick Clegg today attacked the UK’s second chamber of parliament, branding it “an unwelcome and pustulous stain on the democracy of this country.”

“The voters haven’t asked for it to be in charge, and they don’t want it. All the upper house does is sit there looking a bit podgy and actively aiding the Tories in slowly but surely destroy the country,” said the leader of the Liberal Democrats.

“How can we justify being governed by such a disgustingly scheming, power-hungry, lying two-faced little shit? I mean, shits.”

Mental health expert Tom Laughton explained: “in psychology we have a concept called projection, whereby people externalise what they… oh, you get the drift.”

“And the House of Lords’ mother hated what she’d created so much she severed all contact,” a sobbing Clegg continued. “And its children are starting only to speak Spanish at home…”

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