Hairy Socialists for Cat Lovers . com


Hairy Socialists for Cat Lovers . com is the blog of Oliver Humpage (, a man who swore he’d never blog.

So what went wrong?

Firstly, he wanted a page with that URL. Why? At his wedding, the best man’s speech claimed that he and his wife had met on a dating site of that name, and frankly it was too good a URL to pass up (of course, they actually met on

Secondly, some people were interested in how he got on with his new iPhone, and a blog seemed the best way of doing it.

Thirdly, he would never have started a blog if it weren’t for the Underscore planet that it will feed into. He has no doubt that no-one would read it otherwise, and so wouldn’t have bothered.

Fourthly, and most importantly, he now has Facebook that he can swear he’ll never join, so blogging doesn’t matter quite so much.

Hope that explains everything.