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Archive for November 12th, 2007

Pretty mail errors

A lot of things have gotten nicer over the years. Features are added to OSes that make life so much easier, gadgets become slicker and better at knowing what we want to do. We all know that sigh of “ahh, why didn’t they do that before!” Also, most people customise their 404 error pages to […]

The first of a few iPhone reviews. Now, obviously the iPhone is better than my old phone, an XDA Exec hopelessly laden down with the crud that O2 load onto it. But the reason for its inclusion here is so no-one gets the impression I’m leaping on an Apple bandwagon. I’d love to have waited […]

iPhone unwrapping photos

As I said, I activated this in the pub with the aid of Stewart’s MacBook Pro and his 3G phone. Here are some photos (mostly of me grinning inanely)… Opening ceremony: Activation: Activated! Comparing old & new: