A couple of nights ago I tried fitting the handlebar console (thumb throttle, battery level indicator and on/off switch) to my handlebars. Unfortunately, my flicky gear levers sit under the handlebars, so there’s absolutely no way to put the console anywhere near them (and the other side of the gears/brakes, nearer the steering post, is (a) too far away to reach comfortably and (b) curved on my handlebars so can’t put anything there anyway). The options are therefore:

  1. Get new handlebars which are straight, and have the thumb throttle a stupid distance from my hand near the steering post
  2. Get new gear levers with a lever that’s on top of the handlebars, not underneath
  3. Get a light mounting kit to put an extra bar above the handlebars, leaving the throttle near to my hand but a bit high up
  4. Build my own throttle system – after all, it’s just a potentiometer.

Bet you’re thinking I’m going for (4), aren’t you? Well that’s the backup plan. For now, I’ve gone with (2), but with a twist. You don’t really seem to get 9-speed top-mounted shifters, so instead I’m going to get a 3-speed shifter for my left hand (front derailleurs) and put the console on the left: this has the added advantage that I can keep my left thumb on the throttle whilst still changing the more important rear gears with my right hand. I’ve ordered a shifter from eBay that I hope will do the job – fingers crossed.

Anyway, last night I cut out a gasket for the front of the battery box (from some 1mm neoprene I got from eBay), and also fitted the handle to the top of the box. Photos below. Just waiting for the batteries to be delivered to make sure they fit before I start doing gluing and soldering.

Handle and gasket Handle fittings and gasket