This is a comment I received from Thomas Britton of, which I thought was worth publishing in its own post. Nice that he’s noticed and taken the time to write, and I’m happy my frustrations with their support people has been noted.

The original post this refers to is at

Hi Oliver,

My name is Tom and I work as a product manager for We are always looking for ways to improve our site and service and after reading your post I can only imagine the agitation you must have experienced. Hopefully we can correct the mistakes so that yourself and others will not be subject to something similar.

Regarding the booking issue, we are fairly certain the recent relaunch of our website (onto an entirely new platform) has stopped people from experiencing the problem you encountered. We have done a lot of testing but the only way to be certain is to attempt to duplicate your exact scenario.

That being said, if you are willing to get in touch and provide more details specific to your case myself and our testing team will do our best to recreate your scenario (and variations of) and ensure your issue has been resolved.

On a second note, I am very sorry about the lack of assurance the call with our support team gave you. I have looked into your case, the calls and email trail, and see that the agents did not fully understand the the circumstances around your problem.

To address this, we now have weekly calls with our contact centres that specifically focus on non standard issues customers raise. We have members from Ops, System Support, Commercial and Customer Relations on these calls to ensure coordination of the fixes is as quick and complete as possible.

We know we are not perfect but we are doing out best to improve and we hope you get in touch so that we can be certain we have corrected this issue.